Fuse Poetry Review: “ask anyone” — Giving a Slant to Meaning

Written by Allen Bramhall / artsfuse.org

Poetry is an argument consisting of syntax, sound, sense, and sensation. No, there’s no news in it. Poetry provides a place where we see language go somewhere, and we ride along with the human interest the words generate as they move along. Keep that elemental starting point in mind because it is key in appreciating the latest book by Boston area poet Ruth Lepson. Her poems embrace that argument, and they do so in a spare and modest way.

ask anyone seems like an exercise in reduction. Lepson’s poems intersect with small moments and particulars. The book’s design underscores that idea. It is a thin, white, squarish thing. The gray-scale cover photo shows circles of reflected light on a door — the magic of ordinariness. Author’s name and book title in tiniest practical font sit above the photo. The same tiny sans-serif font graces the pages within. Nothing splashy here.