Woodberry Poetry Room‎ - BOSTON ORIGINALS: Bouchard, Colby, Garcia Roberts, Lepson

Join us for our inaugural BOSTON ORIGINALS reading, featuring a quartet of voices representing some of the vital work that is emerging from (and/or reflecting on) the greater Boston region. At once a homecoming to celebrate our own and a way of documenting, archiving and sharing innovative local poetries, BOSTON ORIGINALS offers us a chance to shine a spotlight on different aethetic developments and visions that are at work among us.

The first installment of BOSTON ORIGINALS will feature readings by Daniel Bouchard (ART & NATURE, Ugly Duckling, 2015); Kate Colby (I MEAN, Ugly Duckling, 2015); Ruth Lepson (ASK ANYONE, Pressed Wafer, 2016) and Chloe Garcia Roberts (THE REVEAL, Noemi Press, 2015).