NOON: An Anthology of Short Poems

May 2019. Paperback. 162 pages. 8.5 x 5.5. ISBN 978-4-907359-26-3.

May 2019. Paperback. 162 pages. 8.5 x 5.5. ISBN 978-4-907359-26-3.

NOON: An Anthology of Short Poems, edited by Philip Rowland, presents a carefully arranged and strikingly diverse selection of poems from the issues of NOON: journal of the short poem that appeared between 2004 and 2017. Focusing on poems of less than fourteen lines, Philip Rowland has assembled a richly suggestive, renga-like chain of over two hundred poems by almost half as many poets, at the same time showcasing some of the most interesting minimalist poetry being written in English today.

It cheers me up that there are still people on the planet who think poetry is worth such care and attention. – Geraldine Monk

So full of splintered richness. – Jane Hirshfield

Evidences the wealth of the minimalist tradition, resolutely international. – Alistair Noon

NOON succeeds in exemplifying the Borgesian idea that all literature can be read as by a single author, that ‘in this correlation, the identity or plurality of men’ (or of women) ‘doesn’t matter.’
– Barry Schwabsky

You have drawn together so many I have prized so long – who would have seemed an improbable mix, if not ‘incompatible’ – and, placing them side by side, shown how they are wholly of a time, a world, ours. – John Martone

Click here to read Philip Rowland’s Introduction, plus a full list of contributors to the anthology.