Woodberry Poetry Room‎ - BOSTON ORIGINALS: Bouchard, Colby, Garcia Roberts, Lepson

Join us for our inaugural BOSTON ORIGINALS reading, featuring a quartet of voices representing some of the vital work that is emerging from (and/or reflecting on) the greater Boston region. At once a homecoming to celebrate our own and a way of documenting, archiving and sharing innovative local poetries, BOSTON ORIGINALS offers us a chance to shine a spotlight on different aethetic developments and visions that are at work among us.

The first installment of BOSTON ORIGINALS will feature readings by Daniel Bouchard (ART & NATURE, Ugly Duckling, 2015); Kate Colby (I MEAN, Ugly Duckling, 2015); Ruth Lepson (ASK ANYONE, Pressed Wafer, 2016) and Chloe Garcia Roberts (THE REVEAL, Noemi Press, 2015).

Gardner Museum Event

A rich and unusual day--brought Noah Preminger to a Mini dealership where he had his car repaired--you could live there, or the homeless could--they give you free sandwiches, sweets, bottled water, sell T-shirts and all sorts of fancy things.

Then on to the Gardner where terrific poet Kate Colby led the 1st of the Gardner's series of events, one a month, the Sanctuary Series, to get community involved & make the museum more interactive. At the end we all stood by the balconies and said things we had written in response to various pieces and rooms at the museum and in response to Kate's directives. Connection & fun!

Ask Anyone in Brooklyn and Cambridge

Starting this afternoon my new book, ask anyone, will be available at Spoonbill & Sugartown Books in Williamsburg, as well as Unnameable Books and 1 or 2 other stores in Brooklyn. It's also at the Grolier and Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge. Thanks for asking.

Spoonbill & Sugartown: www.spoonbillbooks.com
Unnameable Books: www.unnameablebooks.blogspot.com
Community Bookstore: www.communitybookstore.net
Grolier Poetry Book Shop: www.grolierpoetrybookshop.org
Harvard Books: www.harvard.com

Let the Bucket Down

Now I have to add that I've read much of vol 3 of Let the Bucket Down and damn, every writer in it is compelling, fine, worth reading. Suzanne Mercury's poems about trees, Audrey Mardavich's poems are so psychologically convincing I want to know if they're persona poems or not, Bridget Eileen so much her funky delightful self, Keith Jones' which I can't characterize right now but his strong sense of form mixed with deep feeling works so well, Amanda Cook is always down home & honest & believable--just read the damn thing.

Gerrit Lansing at Harvard University Video

Gerrit Lansing, the author most recently of Heavenly Tree, Northern Earth (2009), presents a “conspectus” of poems from his early years through to recent work. Introduced by Ruth Lepson, the recording session is followed by a brief oral history conversation focused on an array of subjects, including Gerrit’s friendships with John Latouche, Frank O’Hara, Charles Olson, Stephen Jonas, and John Wieners (among many others), as well as his role as the editor of the 1960's magazine SET.

Date: November 10, 2015, at the Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard University.
For additional information, visit hcl.harvard.edu/poetryroom.