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Dec 13th, 2015 / Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston MA

Declared the first Happening and later named Theater Piece No. 1, an unnamed performance took place in August 1952 at Black Mountain College that would become one of the most famous events in the college’s history. The ICA has invited five Boston-based artists to reimagine Theater Piece No. 1 by proposing a series of actions that will take place in the ICA galleries and throughout the museum. In Poets in Ekphrasis, Danielle Legros Georges draws on the rich history of avant-garde poetry at Black Mountain College and invites several noted poets to read verse inspired by artworks in the exhibition.

Danielle Legros Georges is a writer and educator who teaches at Lesley University and was recently named Poet Laureate of Boston.

This reading included a performance by jazz musician Noah Preminger.

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